“Do you believe in destiny?

~You do believe in fate, don’t you?”

According to my personal opinion, I always believe in an obvious truth that our lives are full of chances and opportunities. They are dancing around and one time, with the moment you suddenly ‘crash’ and touch them * immediately * …  everything starts changing in front of your eyes.

The color of sky becomes red, blue, or green.. (I don’t mind.. because it should be your favorite color) and you will feel like you are living in a musical film of Tim Burton (should I explain why?).

AND (+once again), you may feel and be able to see the journey of your life, which every next step seems to be visually.

So afterwards, what am I talking about???

Oh yes!! I decide to use ‘chance’ to explain about ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’.. Are they still relate??

Anyway it is true that for everything I wrote above,  I am trying to have an introduction in the most impressive way (we always want to jump around things before saying the main points, right?). Hence, now I should say something like this: “Am not good in English but I love writing in British (it seems to be different) and this topic is seemed to be about ‘the Chance and Opportunity’ to the title above “DESIGNING A BUSINESS” “



This is my story that happened about nearly 2 months ago, which day?

Okie! 7th November is the beginning of everything~

Nevertheless, before focusing on main story, I will first retell some previous chapter of it.

Once upon a time, at the first day of all, when I accessed to my main course in Kingston University, I did not think that I could not learn all the subjects and modules of my Business course. I received a paper with many elective modules, and I had to choose them follow the limitation of 60 credits. On this selection list, one subject was immediately jumped into my eyes. It have been called, as a new sound,  “Designing a Business”. For a moment, something in my head had exclaimed

“Wow! ! De.. de… des…desir… DESIGNING a Business? Oh!! I LOVE IT. I would choose this one”…

And then I definitely had chosen another option. Ha..h…a….h….

… indeed, I have marked this ‘object’ on the registration paper. However, after carefully weighing everything with some calculations, I had to give it up to choose a subject about Finance. I came here to study Business, but there are many elements in a Business; and as a boy without any fundamental and basis of Business before, with my current situation, first of all, I should start collecting more knowledge in Finance array, which is according to me as one of the most necessary key factor of ‘designing’ a business.

Of course, I never forget how I always want to become a designer for the rest of my life.





Time passed slowly with studying and learning in University but whenever it was the time of deadline for essays and assignments (oh..) I made question myself over and over “Is this time of today running faster than yesterday??”

… And then something must come, also come (sound so serious .. hehe), I received an email from the school.

~ 7th November now!! (I love both number, 7 and 11.. “fate”?? Never mind!! Hahahha)

Yes! It was not about time I have a personal tutor.


As an usual habit, I read the letter carefully and accessed to the official website of my Uni to find some information my personal tutor. I think if I know a bit about them, then I can write a letter to them with a better and suitable voice.

And what I found??

My personal tutor, Dr . Corrine Beaumont, is a DESIGNER. At that time, I thought I was a bit startled and freeze a while and backed to be active after feeling a lighting-bolt shooting over my head * BooM *. I was really amusing then, as something just reminded me about the path of my life which I always want to pursue it so long.

I thought hard about writing a letter and at last, I come up with being honest and simply.  I would just put in the bottom of my email that

“Last but not least, it is true that I am very glad to know that you are a graphic designer. As for me myself, I always want to be a designer, I do love working with colors and images and I am now still start designing my life step by step.”

.. ‘Of course, I never forget how I always want to become a designer for the rest of my life…’ and I was making a CHANCE on my own!!


( To be continued .. )


Reflective learning:

– Life always gives you a lot of chance; therefore, please do not complain that you never get an opportunity to do something for your life if you mostly turn your head down, up, left right just to look in a different direction instead of running out to embrace ‘it’



(not today)


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